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Power Window Replacement

Power Window

Power Window repairs in San Diego. Technicians with over 12 years experience.

When replacing the Power Windows : the process of removing the door panel, the clips, the screws and the bolts can make the job of replacing a power window appear easy. The last thing that you want to do is to create motor malfunction or a misalignment. The technician having changed hundreds of power windows makes this job appear easy. The average do it yourself weekend warrior might have to give it a couple chances. The only way to truly find out if the window was properly installed is to turn the key and give push the button. If the window seals and doesn’t kick back then congratulations. If it doesn’t line up then I hope you didn’t put the whole door together in order to test. You will need to reset the window.  Call us today if you would like a quote.   We guarantee our work.   Our Auto Glass shop is easy to get to and very central to downtown San Diego.  Majesty Auto Glass 619-780-0901.

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